Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Trouble figuring out this blogging stuff (seen by the horrible formatting, yikes). Wanted to add where we are in the adoption process:
We are near the end of homestudy (a long, tedious process of paperwork and interviews) and will be sending off all of the paperwork to South Korea in mid-late June with the hopes of having Taylor home before the end of the year. Prayers much appreciated and coveted. Prayers for patience, prayers for Taylor's physical/emotional health, and for overwhelming peace and joy that only comes from trusting completely in the one true God.
** I posted another picture of Taylor to make it worth all the reading ;) the one with him holding the noisy cylinder toy. He is 10 months old in these pictures by the way. This is his "concentration face" we see him making with those pucker lips in some of the pictures and videos when he is really focusing on something. Too cute!

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