Sunday, August 14, 2011

Taylor Update

So I have not updated this thing in a while. I refuse to be a blogster dropout, and a lot has happened since my last blog. First things first...Taylor. We are updated each month via what is called a Wellbaby Checkup (WBC in adoption lingo) where we learn how he is doing medically and developmentally. He is 18 months old now and has been walking since at least 12 months. We received some video from his 1st year birthday ceremony at the Holt clinic in Korea where he was tottering around, albeit in a somewhat uncoordinated manner). We can tell he is a happy baby with such a sweet personality and seems to have good attachment with his foster mother. Some pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Taylor in is hanbok to celebrate his 1st birthday
(Korea tradition; more info here if interested)

He doesn't know he is supposed to be sitting like a
gentleman in his Korean ensemble ;)

At his 17 month checkup, we know he is now 'running' around, healthy, saying some words, and getting into everything...right on track for an 18 month old. Receiving pictures of him at 17 months was bittersweet. Always sweet because we get to have small glimpses of him throughout the process, not just as the baby he was at referral but how he is now as we wait. No longer a baby, this set of pictures really showed what a little boy he is growing into. While exciting and heart-warming, it elicits a small ache in my heart as I realize all of those 1st moments we are missing out on, but it is so comforting to know he is in a stable home environment where he is able to experience all of these 'firsts' in a relatively normal, healthy environment. In the last video at 12 months, his foster mom was having him say "omma, appa" (mom and dad in Korean). My heart melts. Praying for a smooth transition for this sweet little boy as he leaves the family he knows to join his forever family. Here is Taylor at 17 months...

 Cute little fella

Michael is soo glad he likes noisy toys ;)

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  1. So sweet! Noisy toys are the most fun! Enjoy your quiet now hehe. :)



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