Saturday, November 5, 2011


So what is the world do you do after all of the paperwork is done and everything else is outside of your control, when just waiting for 4-6 months to pass by quickly? Well, this is what we are doing...I say we...Michael and I worked together to sand and paint some shelves a hand-me-down toddler bed, but I was definitely the one organizing all of his toys with the greatest of precision ;) Sometimes Michael goes looking for me and just shakes his head when he finds me in Taylor's room playing/organizing his toys and clothes (almost all donated by wonderful family members). "I'm nesting" is always my response when I feel caught hanging out in his room again. So here is a glimpse into our lives of nesting and waiting for Taylor to come home.

And yes, I actually sat on the floor in his room and played with those mega legos. Michael even identified my masterpiece correctly...a dinosaur. This is probably the neatest his room will ever be!

And, as always, we appreciate your prayers for us as we wait longer than expected to travel to bring home our walking, talking, running, silly toddler! All in God's sovereignty and timing...


  1. I feel like you handle the waiting so much better than me!!! :/ I love, love, love that bedding! PERFECT for little Tay!! I have been getting things for Ruby too! Justin asked if I was going to need to buy anything for her after she got here or if I was already going to have it all. I told him I thought we should start working on her room. That might help my waiting issues a smidge. :)

  2. Love the adorable bedding! The waiting is excruciating. I never understood how some would say, "it's so worth it when they finally come home!" Yes, I can say it definitely is now~! Big hugs!


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