Saturday, December 3, 2011

Countdown for getting your t-shirts... time for Christmas! We have sold about 32 t-shirts so far and are super excited about spreading our adoption cheer to Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Thanks to everyone who has ordered a t-shirt to celebrate our adoption with us and to help us bring out little boy home next year. We are so grateful for your generousity and and willingness to help out during this crazy holiday season. Special thanks to my FB/bloggy adoption friends. You guys are a priceless source of support and encouragement as we go through this rollercoaster experience together and have kindly answered all of my random adoption process/travel questions and rejoiced with the little milestones achieved along the way. I thank God for this wonderful support group. Also, my coworkers at Comfort Care Home Health have stepped up big with this t-shirt fundraiser! 22 t-shirt orders! You guys are awesome...enough said. Thanks also to everyone who has sent us words of encouragement and prayed to God on our behalf and for Taylor as he grows and is prepared for his new family. I feel like I am giving a speech at the Oscar's. All that to say, we are very grateful for friends and family (and some kind strangers) who are in this with us.

We know it really does "take a village" for this thing to happen and are dependent upon God's grace and sovereignty to accomplish His purpose to care for the orphan.

I wanted to give everyone another chance to order t-shirts and have them in time for Christmas. For this to happen, I will need your orders (and money if possible) by next Thursday, December 8, so that the t-shirt guy can make and send them in time for me to get them to you guys. If you know want t-shirts but are not quite ready to pay for them, shoot me an email so we can work something out. For us to make the maximum amount of money, we will need to have 48 orders total.  See my last post for details on payment and pictures of the t-shirts. Thanks everyone! Merry Christmas!

P.S. If you are in Louisiana, we will be down for a few days during the holidays and can deliver the t-shirts to you when they come in so you can skip the shipping price if you like.

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