Friday, April 27, 2012

Up Up and Away!!

The wait is over. The time is now! So, I have been bad about updating this blog when we received travel call, but we DID receive travel call and are leaving THIS morning (myself and my dear friend Brooke) and will be Seoul bound in about one hour!!! I will try to at least post a few pictures while we are there and, hopefully, if I still have my sanity, write a little about our experiences during the trip. Seoul, South Korea is 14 hours ahead of us in LA for those of you who have committed to cover us in prayers as we go along. We will land in Seoul Saturday evening (1 a.m. central time in LA/AL) where we will be taken to our hotel for the night. Our city tour is scheduled for Sunday morning at 9:30 where a volunteer with the Holt adoption agency will show us the sites and help us learn more about the culture there. Then....on Monday at 12 noon (10 pm LA/AL time) I get to meet my sweet little Taylor who we have prayed for and loved for the past 15 months. We will meet him and his foster mother who has been caring for him throughout his life, and then we will have lunch with the foster family so that we can, hopefully, make the transition a little smoother and to get to know the foster mom a little more. After we eat, goodbyes will be said by the foster mother (please pray for her heart as she grieves the loss of the little one she has loved and cared for for the past two years). And then.........HE IS OURS!! Yep, family day is scheduled for Monday, April 30, 2012!! I am anxiously waiting to board the plane to begin the loooong flight to my son's birth country to meet him, hold him, and finally, to bring him home!! I am so excited to meet him and then to visit with him and his daddy via Skype. So anyway, that is the quick update. Next time I post, I will be 12,500 miles away is South Korea!! Blessings!


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  1. Since stumbling over your story on facebook a few months ago, I have kept your sweet little family in my prayers. I think what you and Michael are doing is amazing and your story touches me even more with every new detail. I'm so excited for you to make that journey this weekend to bring your baby home. Prayers for safe travels and peace for all those needing it are being sent your way. Congratulations!! Can't wait to see pictures of your family together! :)


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