Thursday, July 26, 2012

Housework, Playdates, and Outtings

Late in posting this blogpost...these happenings are from 3-4 weeks ago. I will have to do another post for the past couple of weeks. For now, here is a "late" glimpse into our lives...


Taylor loves to help Umma "cook." Muffins are the goal in this baking event :)
Kid loves his cozy coupe.
Nana gave Taylor Won a buggy that he loves to push all over the place. Here he is asking, "Where are the groceries that are supposed to be in here?"

...he even uses it to help out with the laundry.

His new word..."messy messy"


Painting at Zoe's house with 'geen' and 'ellow' 

Painting partners...

Sweet lovin'

Lunch in their 'house' makes eating much more fun.

Fun at Cabella's Outdoor Store

Exercising his right to bear arms...

Kicking up his feet.

Riding the escalator was his favorite part of this outting...

Checking out the umma fish, the appa fish, and the taylor won fish :)
Did I mention he liked the escalators? Here is him saying, "Can we do it again?"

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  1. Thank you for my video!! I LOVE it!! I'm impressed by your fluent Korean! ;) And of course, adore Taylor Won's sweet kackles!! Miss you all! xoxo!


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