Monday, October 15, 2012

Long Overdue

I kind of just stared at the blinking line on the screen of this blank blog page for a while trying to think of how to sum up the past (almost) six months. I am just overwhelmed to look back at this whole process, from when we first laid eyes on a sweet little 10 month old boy with a smile that just melted my heart, to today as I watched my happy 2 1/2 year old son run at full force across the yard at Nana's house laughing and playing with the sweetest contentment while gathering leaves to add to his collection in his (and his cousin's) toy car. How we did get from there to here? By God's grace alone and by living one day at a time, thanking God for the little steps of bonding and for oh-so-patiently teaching us what it truly means to be an appa, umma, and son through His unfailing love and pursuance of us.

Now, I do not want to sound like adoption is glamerous and all roses and sunshine. I mention this only because it can be discouraging to other adoptive parents (especially those just getting home with their new child) when all they read on adoptive family blogs are how wonderful and carefree it all is. Adoption is HARD, and it is traumatic on many levels for all involved (at least for us it was). BUT, God is faithful, so faithful. If you are just getting home with your new child and feel like the whirlwind of grieving and push/pull feelings of your little one are about to send you over the emotional edge, hold on. It will get better. Words cannot express the love I have for this child. He is our son! Ha! We are so blessed! I am still kind of at a loss as to how to sum it all up but hope that these pictures and little random thoughts/comments can show some of the love and fun that we are having. (Some pictures are blurry because they are taken with my phone and because Taylor is a fast mover!) Enjoy.

This kid is not lacking in silliness and happiness...

Getting the hang of country living...
Yes, we are riding in the back of a pick-up truck, but we are on a family road driving a few miles per hour ;-)

Windows down, sunroof open!

Have I mentioned how much he loves his Appa?

First haircut since home...

When he learned how to work the pedals...

Favorite action character (red "go go power ranger")...

Taylor Won strong!
The next picture needs some explanation, so here goes...We were eating spaghetti for the first time one night (first time for Taylor) when he started getting upset because his nose hurt. Michael said, "I think he might have sucked a noodle up his nose when he went to take a bite." I said I didn't think so because I did not see a noodle up there. He was getting more upset, so I grabbed a kleenex and took this moment to try to explain how to blow air out of your nose (blew air on this hand, imitated, etc. etc.)...nope, he was trying to do what I was telling him but just kept sucking air in to try to get his nose to feel better. Finally, I gave up and just tried to soothe him...I did not see anything in there after all. WARNING: This next part is awfully gross (but funny), so reader beware. Okay, consider yourself warned. You know how, when kids get upset and start crying, their little noses start to run? Yes, I finally saw the end of a white noodle "playing hide-n-seek" as he was breathing in and out. I had to time it just right to grab that slippery little thing and avoid breaking it off and leaving a smaller piece in his nose, but we (I mean "I"...notice Michael is not mentioned in any part of this story after he makes his guess as to what he thinks he saw happened) got it out successfully...measuring at least 2" long! Ah, the joys of parenthood :-)

So, this is the crazy life we share as a family of three :-)

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  1. I love the update Amanda! Its so great to see how well Taylor has bonded and adjusted. What a blessing!! His smile is so beautiful!! I loved seeing the picture of him on the little bicycle/tricycle pedaling. We are going to get Mason one of those for Christmas and I was wondering if he could pedal it. (Mason is 2.5 also). So it looks like this is a possibility....exciting!!! I guess with an O.T. mommy Taylor gets to do really advanced stuff. You are doing a great job Umma!!!!


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