Sunday, September 11, 2011

Amazima Ministries: Katie is coming to the US!

Amazima Ministries: Katie is coming to the US!: Katie is coming to the United States!! Her book, Kisses from Katie , releases on October 4, and she'll be visiting several cities and churc...

Coming to our church (Church at Brookhills) October 16th!!!! How awesome! She will be at each of our services that Sunday. So opportunity to meet an amazing girl who has shown us all what living radically for Christ looks like! Check out her blog ( and come listen to her incredible story of how God has used her to touch the lives of so many impoverished Ugandans for His glory.

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  1. Hey Amanda... Again, I enjoyed so much getting to chat with you a while today. I LOVE your blog! SO excited to have another way of glimpsing into your adoption journey. Tay is BEYOND adorable!! I can see easily how ya'll fell in love with this little one. Praying your journey to him is as quick as possible!! With love...


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