Thursday, September 22, 2011

Putting Love in a Box

There is something heart-warming and heart-aching about the thought that a box I am holding one day in Birmingham, AL, will be 12,450 miles, literally the other side of the world, in less than one week and given to our sweet little boy and his foster mom. It's not the quick transport of the U.S. Postal Service (in fact, I crossing my fingers and praying they successfully bring the box from point A to point B) but the idea that a boy in a picture who has captured our hearts will be holding a soft monkey blanket, a small fire truck, a snuggly stuffed monkey, a teddybear comfort blanket from his Nana and Poppy, and a photo album introducing his mom and dad (gasp! that's us) for the first time. I have to admit I had a moment in line at the post office. I just kept praying, "God, may our love for our sweet boy on the other side of the world be communicated in a small box of cuddly things and toddler toys. God, may his foster mom be blessed by the clothes and other items sent. May she feel an inner peace knowing this little guy she has been loving and caring for is and will be loved deeply by the couple she sees in the cheesy photographs." It seems so easy to send a cardboard box halfway around the world (well relatively easy...that darn form was way too long and required a list of every little thing in the box, it's weight, and approximate value...hmmm, playdoh? $0.25...but I digress), but why can't I just go with the box, bring it to him, and take him back home with me?
Please join us in prayer for our precious little boy as he grows and develops his own unique little personality in a healthy foster home environment.

As a side note, we also sent Taylor a couple of pictures of our dogs (two labs named Marley and Jake) to show him our pets. I almost sent a picture of us with the dogs but then just stuck one in there of the two of them sitting together. What I did not realize until listening to Rick & Bubba the next morning was that people in Korea do not typically view dogs as pets but as something entirely different! Not sure about the validity of this but will definitely be researching it in the future.


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  1. This was the sweetest post!! I can't wait till we are matched with our little bitty and can send some love her way! Praying it gets there safely and Taylor realizes all the love his Mommy and Daddy already have for him!! Let's try to do a dinner at Seoul maybe in November?? :) (October is just SO full! :/) xoxo!!


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