Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Big Big News!!!

Okay, so a lot has been going on in the Murry household these past few months, much of which I could not share on the blog for various reasons. So, it is time for an update and sharing of big news (to come at the end....hang with me ;) So here goes, around late September/early October Michael and I began to sense a pull to move back to the Livingston, LA area where we are from. I knew the answer to the question before I even asked our adoption agency but went ahead and shared with them our desire to move back to Louisiana so that Taylor will grow up knowing family and friends we have grown up with. They answered with a definite "no" because our agency does not have jurisdiction to place in Louisiana. What we did find out was that we could move after the first post-placement visit after bringing Taylor home, approximately one month after Tay is home. With all of the Korean government rules and with there being a quota for the amount of passports issued each year, we were told in November to expect travel around April 2012 at the earlier, with May or June being more likely. Well, on November 11 I received a phone call from Holt (our placing agency), where A told me that she took a "shot in the dark" and decided to call the Korean agency and ask if they would make an exception and allow us to move to Louisiana with permission for completing our adoption in Louisiana. Long story-short, they said, "Yes! But move quickly!" So that is what we are working on....moving back to Louisiana!!

You would think that would be enough busyness and chaos to keep us running around like crazy people...but no. I will have to share in another posting, but Michael had to have an emergency appendectomy about two weeks ago that should have been routine but was not. There were complications but he is back home and doing well (maybe 85% back physically). That will take another blog posting...

We also knew that we would be moving into an apartment in Louisiana and could not keep our two lab retrievers in an apartment. So project "Find Marley and Jake a Home" began about 4 weeks ago. Again, another blog posting, but they are in a wonderful home with a family with two kids in a country town in Georgia.

So....moving along as expected right? Yeah right. When you sign up for adoption, just remember that anything can happen, and it really is a rollercoaster ;) When you think you are on track and moving along according to schedule, know that change is probably coming!! *clears throat*

So...yesterday I received an email informing us that Taylor is scheduled to have his visa physical (a medical examination done before being submitted for passport) on January 5th (Jan 4th our time). That struck me as odd because this is usually only done just before the child is submitted for their passport. Well, I called LL at our Holt adoption agency and was told that apparently Taylor's adoption is being expedited and that it looks like he will be submitted in the first batch of passport submissions....making travel as early as mid-February!!!!! Yikes!!! Okay, this is the Big Big News! We may be traveling to S Korea next month to get our little boy! Ahhh!!! I have mostly been in excited shock! This means a lot of scrambling around to get moved, working in new job, and paperwork completed and submitted so he can be brought to Louisiana versus Alabama where he is currently approved to come. This also means informing a new employer that I really really would like at least 6 weeks off, even though I just started. I just accepted a full-time position as a home health occupational therapist and am worried that they will not approve the 6-8 weeks off I was hoping to get if we traveled later in the year (or even keep me as an employee if I request it). I need a job but need to care for my little one appropriately. I am kind of freaking out with anxious and excited emotions. I do not want to rush attachment. Please pray that God will soften hearts, make clear paths, and provide us with resources and a means to care for Taylor the way He intends. Blessings to all who are waiting. I hope to see some of you in S Korea! How incredible would that be?! Bring it on 2012!!!!


  1. Yes to 2012 and bringing these babies home!!! Hurray! Big hugs and prayers. It's wonderful but overwhelming, keep us posted!

  2. Yah!!! All that great news! Can't wait to see Tay home. A few steps closer, and it won't be long now! CONGRATS!!!:)


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