Monday, February 6, 2012

Two years ago today....

In a maternity clinic in Osan, Gyeonggi, Korea on February 6th, 2010, a little boy was born. Soon after his birth, this little boy was placed with a foster mom where, one month after he was born, the social worker states that "he is doing well with exceptional care and love from his foster family." I cannot help but be overwhelmed with gratitiude as I imagine the courage of both of these precious women to sacrifice a piece of themselves so that this child, our child, has the hope of life with a forever family. Tonight as I type this it is 10:30 a.m. on February 6th in S Korea where this little boy is playing and, mostly likely, opening a few presents from his sweet foster family. I pray for him as he enjoys his last birthday in the country where he was born, with the only family he has ever known, praying that God is preparing his heart to transition to his forever family. But, perhaps even more than that, my heart breaks for a foster mother who knows that she only has precious weeks left to love and care for a little boy she has had since birth, a child she has held during sickness, whose boo boos she has kissed diligently, whose first steps she has celebrated, a child she has carried tirelessly in a baby carrier and fed rice cereal; this is the child she will have to say goodbye to and hand over to strangers who she prays will love and care for him as much as she has for the past two years. God, please give her peace and warm her heart that she may know this little one will have the unconditional love from a mother and a father that are just over the moon for him! I also think of a woman who placed her child for adoption and, mostly likely feels a sense of grief and loss on this day, a day when she gave away a piece of herself so her baby boy could be taken care of in a way that she was not able to. God, grant her peace during this time and freedom from guilt as she imagines where he is and if he is well loved and cared for. He is.

 Happy 2nd birthday our sweet Taylor boy!

At two years old, here are few things our little fella is doing halfway around the world: runs alone (ready or not), steps up stairs while holding, plays well in Gymboree, takes off his own socks, stacks several cubes, waves byebye, helps at home (haha..imagining him with a little toy broom), winks (oh yea, he's a charmer). He can also say these words (in Korean, of course): milk, water, mama (my personal favorite), daddy, what?, and several more. He also has 8 teeth on top and 8 on bottom (and from the pictures, he definitely uses them often). We are ready to bring you home and chase you around little Taylor!

So, in case you are wondering why we are not posting pictures of us holding him yet, here is an update: the Korean ministry decided not to process any EPs (passports) for the month of January but say that they plan to begin processing them again in mid-February. This means that if we are in the first batch of passports submitted, it will be anywhere from 3-12 weeks until travel. We hope to have him home by April/May. We are just hanging on tight as he ride this crazy roller coaster to Korea. Thanks for following! God bless.

Taylor and his foster mom received their Christmas care package. This is Tay at 22 months.

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  1. He gets cuter with every picture you post! I'm getting so excited for all of you. Pretty soon, all THREE of you will be taking pictures together!! Hurry home sweet Tay!! xoxo Brooke


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