Saturday, June 9, 2012

5 Weeks Home

Has it really only been 5 weeks? Time has flown by so quickly these last few weeks. It is hard to believe I have only known this little guy for 6 weeks now and even harder to imagine my life without him. He is such a blessing. He seems to fit into our family so well with his witty and sweet personality. He loves to be outside and is learning that we cannot spend all day in the Louisiana heat. He fights taking a nap but cannot seem to stay awake when taken for a ride in his carseat :) He is getting much better about going to sleep and following our bedtime routine to prepare for settling down in the evenings. He loves his Appa (daddy) and asks about his all day when he is working. His favorite thing to do with Appa is wrestle and practice his Power Ranger moves where he uses his "powers" to make Michael fall on the floor over and over again :) We also spent some time at Michael's parents house a couple of weeks ago where he met his cousin, Lillian, and got a good taste of country living...

Tractor at Pa's (great grandfather) house

Our mode of transportation from Nana's house to Pa's house...

Took him a little time to learn that he cannot ALWAYS be the driver...learning.

Fishing for tadpoles (gross but the kid loves to scoop them up...with his hand...and put them back in the water after we catch them)
We also went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago...loves the tigers and ducks. Does not love so much activity around naptime and fell asleep about 30 minutes into the fun.

Fun at the local splash pad!

Our big boy on his bike wearing his watch like Umma...has not quite gotten the concept of pedels yet, but we are working on it ;-)

Appa and Taylor "fixing things"...darn toys kept "breaking" (as per Taylor) and needed to be fixed with Appa's tools

Cheesin during playtime :-)

Okay, so some of these are sideways because I could not get blogger to post them correctly :/ but wanted to get them on here for those special people half a world away that want to see how their sweet foster child is doing ;-) I was cleaning out his dresser drawers when Taylor spotted a choo choo train t-shirt like Umma's (that I wore during our trip to S Korea) and insisted on putting it on...still a little big, but that did not seem to phase this wild child from running around in it.

Painting on the porch...swiped that brush right across his face when wiping sweat and never knew (until we went to wash hands) that he has war paint on

Kid loves to swim!

Favorite lounging spot at home...his good ole bean bag with his pwee (blanket) to keep him comfy

Mornings with Appa looking for silly objects in his Look and Find book...introducing his "thinking finger" where he taps his lips and says "hmmm" when looking hard for something.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I have 3 more weeks off from work before I have to start back and Taylor starts spending some time with his babysitter. We would appreciate prayers for all (especially sweet Taylor's heart) as we get closer to yet another transition for our little guy. Prayers for a peaceful transition and a little one who knows when Umma leaves Umma ALWAYS comes back and that he has good laid back fun with his wonderful new babysitter and their woof woof and meows. Thanks for following. God bless!

P.S. Dear Foster Mom, Thank you so much for nurturing and loving this precious boy. He is doing so well and has such a happy and carefree personality. He is also super smart and knows 45+ English words. He still says the Korean words for 'no', 'do not', 'blanket', 'ouch', 'big', 'yes', 'it's okay', etc. He also still loves to watch Pororo, Tayo, and Chiro on the computer and phone. He is beginning to eat many different American foods but still loves our Korean food nights where he eats lots of noodles and meats. We have your picture from his Tol up in our living area, and talk about you often. He still knows you are his first Appa and Umma and obviously loves you dearly. We will continue to talk to him about his first years in Korea and how he was so very loved from the beginning. We hope you are doing well and settling in with your new addition. Blessings for the U.S.!

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