Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bulgogi and Silly Fun

We recently took a trip to New Orleans to eat at the only Korean restaurant in the area and had some good bulgogi and bap and to let Taylor enjoy some birth country cuisine :) It was also our first attempt of dining out since we have been home, and he did pretty well (of course it was slow during lunchtime, and he did spend some time walking back and forth between the table and the fish tank to see the Umma fish, Appa fish, and Taylor Won fish...Appa/Michael introduced the concept of the "Taylor Won fish" lol).

He loved eating the bulgogi, bap, and a delicious soup that I do not know the name of.

Mmmm Mmmmm good! He did have to be a little patient with me as I am surely not as efficient with the chopsticks as his foster family was, but I am getting better.

"I want more of that, Umma." Side note: I sometimes find myself forgetting to offer him the foods I am not particularly fond this case, giant cooked onions...he loved them!

We also spent a little time at the local Learning Express Toys store. Why would you need to buy these toys anyway when you can just visit the store and play with them. Price of that buggy to bring home = $69.99...Cost to play with it in the store before saying "bye bye buggy?" = priceless :) This store really was a lot of fun. They had a train station, grocery section, pretend play section with baby dolls and beds, little pianos, etc.

We couldn't pass up a chance to add a little McDonald's to our day, so Taylor and I went to enjoy a nice cold chocolate shake for dessert after our Korean BBQ lunch while Appa went into a computer store. The idea was to share, with one straw for me and one for him...that grin tells me he thought his plan was better!

Me and my little fella ;-)


And a few shots from another day at the park...

Hydrating with a little H20 while watching the fish...

It's not all fun and games...a little grocery shopping after the park.

We have been home 7 weeks today, and Taylor is really getting into the swing of things. He is mostly sleeping through the night with only an occasional waking up for a little chocolate milk every 3 nights or so. He now likes pizza, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, and brownies (oh yea!). He is getting better with hearing the word "awnyo" (i.e. 'no') but what 2 year old really likes that one anyway. He is saying/signing well over 60 words and understands so much more...such a sponge! He is putting together 3-word phrases and stays with the sitter for 3+ hours at a time. I have one more week off of work and then will be starting back....hopefully easing back in to seeing patients. Not sure I even remember what an occupational therapist does ;-) Grateful for prayers for a smooth transition and wisdom/discernment to balance mommyhood, being a wife, and being an OT. Of course, prayers for Taylor's attachment and for him to relax and enjoy his time with Umma away. Thanks for visiting!


  1. All of these big smiles in these pictures bring tears to my eyes Amanda! I love the one with the milkshake, little cutie. From the things you describe that he is doing, he sounds so much like our Mason, they are close to the same age. We also go to toy stores and play with toys without buying. :) Yard sales and consignment stores (and hand-me-downs) are much more in our price range. :)I'll be praying for you all as you start back to work and adjust to balancing your time, and of course for Taylor's adjustment as well. Blessings!

  2. This post was perfect!! I LOVE seeing the Korean cuisine and his ADORABLE smile chugging that shake- which he seems to be taking down quite nicely without Mommy's assistance! ;) He is such a doll, Amanda, and seems to be doing an amazing time transitioning! I seriously would like to bring Justin and Perry to NOLA maybe this Winter for a playdate and mini vacay! A Cajun Christmas, perhaps? I miss ya'll so much and love to see everyone happy and healthy! :D xoxo!! Brooke PS- Say hey to Michael!

  3. Amanda, he is adorable! I hope to see you guys soon. I miss you! (and michael!). I love reading your blog and getting updates on Taylor. He looks like he is adjusting perfectly.


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